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We are a company specializing in the manufacturing sector, recording and maintenance of cylinders for the gravure printing process. We stand out for the excellence


World leader recording and Cylinders Manufacture Gravure


Over 136 branches in the World

Yuncheng Engraving Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984 with one goal: To become the best and biggest company in the world manufacturing and recording

We have the world's largest collection of images for the furniture industry, floors and fashion. There are thousands of designs developed for this segment. Playback quality and fidelity only to Rotomax.

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Our test machines reproduce the engraved cylinders faithfully for evaluation of our quality control as well as for customer approval. This important step in the

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Plating and Chrome

Any good job to start at the base, and gravure cylinder preparation is no different, we produce a highly reliable foundation which ensures a perfect

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Special cylinders

Defined as “special rolls” all those who have different characteristics from the standard cylinder, used in the packaging industry. These characteristics can be the size

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Pre Press

Our professionals are trained in the development, processing and picture finishing, featuring the latest technology in equipment, hardware and software, so that the conversion of

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Repair and Maintenance

Every cylinder from time to time require maintenance and even repairs.  The Rotomax have an industry that makes repairs as axis of trade, or exchange

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Recording and Cylinders Machining

The Rotomax is the only company in Brazil that offers the possibility of machining and engraving cylinders in place. This is a key differentiator for

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